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Inspired by: Sooke

In the late summer of 2019 

we traveled out to Vancouver Island to roam, relax and recover from a wild first half of the year. I was stupid inspired by the landscape out there... the photos below follow our steps through the first 2 days of our trip in Sooke, BC.

The first day

we stayed in a seaside cabin in Sooke. We tried our best to relax, unclench our jaws and stretch out our limbs. It had been a while since we stepped away from work but it didn't take long for us to find ourselves feeling grounded. 

The cabin's location was secluded

on a rocky shoreline. We walked the shore and looked for crabs, but found ourselves day dreaming and getting lost in the whole scene. Surf shacks were scattered up the coast and across the Strait of Juan De Fuca you could spot Olympic National Park, my favorite. While we were hiking there in 2017 we looked across the water and pointed to the mountains we were now roaming in and declared that would be our next trip. That's how we got here.

The next day we hit the road

and headed Northwest, up the coast. Along the way we stopped at a few local spots, The Cold Shoulder and Shirley Delicious. Both had fresh pastries that blew us away. The locals were kind enough to tell us about China Beach, a local easy hike with views you should definitely have to work harder for.
Pastries in hand, sitting outside The Cold Shoulder Cafe.

We cruised through the China Beach campground and spread the Woosah under some windshield wipers. 

Soon enough we were at the trail head

and were completely blown away by the beauty of the mossy pines and old growth forest. The parking lot looked packed so we parked on the side of the street and hiked in. Even the views from the parking lot were enough to woo me. 

After taking it all in 

we headed back home to cook dinner and unwind. We only had two short, sweet days in Sooke before we headed East for Salt Spring Island and we wanted to soak in this special place. 

The print below

was inspired by our stay in this seaside cabin in Sooke. Early mornings watching the sunrise and late nights watching the sundip. If you dig it, you can find it here. Cheers!

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